inbeacons is a cloud CMS designed for easy
management of Estimote beacons
(and other types)

We provide our customers web applications that allow total configuration, data storage, analysis as well as the ability to rest API's and retrieve any type of content dynamically from your apps

Our Vision

Proximity matters and we want become the reference system to implement proximity scenarios with near effortless customization instead of coding.
We have built inbeacons thinking about a powerfull and easy to use iBeacon manager to decide how interact with the physical space around you.

We do believe both beacons and IoT have big potential and will grow in the immediate future. New players will come and new hardware will follow; different devices and new ideas will arrive and you'll need flexibility in the kind of solution you might want to use.

inbeacons beta is a preview of the full solution will be available in the next future.
We want support developers and everyone experiments/builds new ideas offering our platform for free and for unlimited time.
We will keep working updating this product version adding new features.

Get started with inbeacons beta