Last updated: 04/01/2014
We may change our Terms & Conditionswithout inform you but each update will be notified on this page.

We have written these Terms and Conditions to inform you about the use you can do of the inbeacons Website. These terms have to be respected by all users of inbeacons website and by using the site you agree to respect these terms.
Moreover, before proceed with the registration processwe invite you to read and accept these terms and then go ahead with the user creation.
If you do not agree with our terms we would like to ask you to stop to use inbeacons Website. Within this page we even refer to terms and condition as terms.


Registration on inbeaconsWebsite allows you to access and use the site’s capabilities. Credentials for login are personal and have to be used only by you. It is your responsibility ensure that your credentials to access inbeaconswebsite are not used by others.
We may send you a link by email in order to access directly into the inbeaconsWebsite without specify your username and password. You are responsible for any use of these links made by you, another person or third part.
If you are under 18 of age you declare that you have your parent’s permission to use inbeacons website and to send any information to us or through inbeaconsWebsite.

Personal Information

You agree that we can use your information in accord with our Privacy Policy.
You agree that the information you store throw the inbeaconsWebsite can be saved forever.
In case we lose any content or your personal information you will not liable us for the loss.

Use of the inbeaconsWebsite

You comply with all applicable laws and codes of good conduct using the inbeaconsWebsite and you ensure that everything you do on inbeacons platform will not offend other person.

You agree that using the inbeaconsWebsite you will not:

  • Violate rights of privacy, publicity and any other.
  • Publish and distribute obscene material.
  • Do anything is unlawfully.
  • Upload files or material covered by property rights.
  • Upload files or material containing virus.
  • Worms or any other software can create damage.
  • Use a false name, create a fake profile or impersonate another person or use a false and not authorized identity.
  • Damage the inbeaconsWebsite or the functionalities it offers.

Intellectual property

You agree that the service we offer, includingtext, documentation, images, designs, databases, targeting information, logos, domain names, trade names, any and all copyright material (including source code) and all other materials related to the inbeacons Website, including the ''look and feel'' of the Website are the property of inbeacons.
We do not own any property of your beacons or campaign data configuration that will remain under your property.


To use the ibeacons web site you have to may download third party software such as a browser. You agree we are not responsible about software or any product you will use to use our site.

Service termination

For different reasons we may take offline the inbeacons website or avoid to access on it any times we will consider it necessary without the need to notice you why.